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Motion Capture Journey

Over the past 7 years, Hope has gone through many positions of motion capture; going from Performer, to Technician, to full Stage Manager. Having a full range of understanding from these positions has made Hope a true asset in the industry.


Motion Capture
Stage Manager

Hope is currently the Capture Stage Manager at Noitom Studios, Los Angeles, where she is responsible for running day to day operations of the stage as well as productions that come in. She has overseen projects ranging from Music Videos, to Animations, to AAA video games.


MoCap Technician

Hope has had experience working productions with responsibilities of suiting up performers, running reference cameras, calibrating the volume, maintenance on equipment, and running software such as Peel Capture and Tentacle. 

Screenshot 2023-09-26 124853.png

MoCap Performer

Hope has had the pleasure of performing on many motion capture stages, for projects ranging from VR Experiences, to TV shows, to Video Games. With her background in stunts, movement, and acting, she proved to be a true asset in the volume.

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