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Hope has many books currently in the works, all to be released beginning in 2024. Check out her first book below!

These children's books revolve around different life lessons for children ages 3-6 years old, all told through magical worlds and light hearted characters.


Princess Iridescent

and the Cloudy Day


Book Description:


Age 3-5


Princess Iridescent reigns over a kingdom of color and light,

but one day King Cloudius rolls in and covers this beautiful sight!

Come along with this princess as she teaches, so kind,

that everyone has it within them to make their own colors shine!


This beautifully illustrated children’s book is for little princesses and princes who love color. You’ll encounter adorable creatures that live throughout the kingdom, magic that brings color to life, and a princess who believes that kindness is the best way to make a friend.


Cleverly woven into a rhyming story, learn about King Cloudius who comes to the land of Prismatica to take away all the color, and Princess Iridescent who takes him on a journey throughout the kingdom to show him all the magic and beauty color can bring. Through this adventure the Princess teaches King Cloudius how to make his own colors shine, and become friends in the process!


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