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Hope LaVelle was raised in Huntsville, Alabama, where she developed a love for film early in her life. By age 13, she was making films every week with her friends, winning state-wide competitions, and was even the president of her high school's cinematography club for multiple years.


After graduating from the Vancouver Film School and working in Vancouver’s film industry for a year, Hope moved down south to Los Angeles, where she landed a production job at Nickelodeon, a job she excelled at for several years. It was during this time that Hope found her passion for performing, and through her skills in stunts, parkour, and martial arts, she found the perfect avenue to pursue this new path.


Through the rough and tumble life of being a stunt performer, Hope was led to the whole new world of Motion and Performance Capture, where she studied with the MoCap Vaults for performing in video games, animation, and film. From there, Hope developed new skills on the tech side of the MoCap world. She began working as a MoCap Technician and quickly moved up to being a Capture Studio Manager, overseeing productions and running the stage.


Hope has worked on projects including Fringe, Supernatural, and Chronicle, and has worked with companies including Disney, Nickelodeon, and Sony. She is currently a star on Demiplane's Children of Éarte, where she plays an 80 year old adventuring grandma, Robin Beckett, and is also the Studio Manager for Noitom Motion Capture, Los Angeles.

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